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Complying IEC61850 Sampling Value & GOOSE K3130i Relay Test Set

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Complying IEC61850 Sampling Value & GOOSE K3130i Relay Test Set


Description of K3130i Intelligent Protection Relay Test Set


High Power & Accuracy with 3x35A & 4x310V analog outputs;
Complying IEC61850 Sampling Value & GOOSE;
The ever-expanding test library templates;
Optional advance functions like energy meter and transducer calibration etc.

Inbuilt GPS and IRIG-B sync end-to-end testing

Anti-clipping detect, Wrong wiring connect alarm and self-protect, overload and overheat protection

3-Years guarantee of free repair and life-long maintenance

Lightweight, <18Kg

Free software upgrade


Feature Of K3130i Intelligent Protection Relay Test Set


7 Channels (3x35A & 4x310V) outputs, Each output channels are independent and simultaneous control of magnitude, Phase angle and frequency values, able to inject DC, AC sine wave and up to 60x harmonics.

● 13 Low-level channels outputs up to 8Vac/10Vdc max.

● 100/1000Mbit Fiber port for SMV and GOOSE simulations

● Variable battery simulator, DC 0-350V, 140Watts max.

● Transient play back up to 3KHz

● Fully function KRT software testing modules

● Graphical test modules and templates for testing of various relays

● Quick relay testing facility in Manual mode

● Shot/Search/Check, Point & Click testing

● RIO/XRIO import & export facility

● Switch on to fault test(SOTF)

● Power system model for dynamic testing

● Online Vector display

● Automatic test results assume

● Automatic test report creation


Specification Of K3130i Intelligent Protection Relay Test Set

Power supply & Environment

Nominal Input Voltage 100~240Vac
Permissible Input Voltage 85~260Vac, 125~350VDC
Nominal Frequency 50/60Hz
Permissible Frequency 45Hz~65Hz
Power Consumption 1500 VA max
Connection Type Standard AC socket 60320
Operating Temperature -10℃~55℃
Storage Temperature -20℃~70℃
Humidity <95%RH, non-condensing



Advantage Of K3130i Intelligent Protection Relay Test Set

Complied IEC61850-9-1, IEC61850-9-2, IEC60044-7/8, etc
Transducer calibration (0.02 class)
Energy meter calibration (Mechanical & Electronic meters)

Type of relays can be tested:



IEC61850 numerical IEDs relay & merge unit


Distance protection relay


Synchronising or synchronism-check relays


Undervoltage relays


Directional Power relays


Undercurrent or underpower relays


Negative sequence overcurrent relays


Overcurrent/ground fault relays


Inverse time overcurrent/ground fault relays


Power factor relays


Overvoltage relays


Voltage or current balance relays


Directional  overcurrent relays


Directional ground fault relays


DC overcurrent relays


Phase-angle measuring or out-of-step protection relays


Automatic reclosing devices


Frequency relays


Motor overload protection relays


Differential protection relays


Directional voltage relays


Voltage and power directional relays


Tripping relays


Voltage regulating relays


Overimpedance relays, Z>


Underimpedance relays, Z


Time-delay relays






Q: 1. What is your advantages?

A: KINGSINE have been specializing in electric power testing & measurement for over 21 years. All-in-One design concept, high power burden & high output accuracy but with high cost-efficiency, 3-years guarantee of free repair and life-long maintenance.


Q:2.What is the application range of the product?

A:KINGSINE brand Relay Test Sets are featured with fully function of state sequencer,Harmonic,recloser test , Line differential, Distance,Overcurrent, Zero sequencer, Ramping, Power direction, Differential rate, Differential Harmonic, Synchronize, Busbar differential, Frequency test, Dv/Df test, etc.


Q:3.Which exhibitions have you ever attended before?

A: Every year KINGSINE at least participate in 7-8 exhibitions around the world, such as IEEE, Middle East Electricity, FIEE, Elecrama, Exporcentr, Hannover, Power-Gen, Utility weekly and so on.


About US:

Kingsine Electric Automation Co., Ltd. has been specializing in Research & Development, production and sales of Electric Testing & Measurement Instruments since 1999 foundation who is also honored as the High-tech enterprise certification and Software enterprise certificate recognized by China authority. With about high development speed every year, Kingsine win the Chinese top manufacturer for electric test equipmentin the domestic relay-tester market.China Guodian Corporation,State Grid Corporation of China,China Southern Power Grid Company Limited and many other national companies use our products.


With ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management with R&D, Production and Marketing, now Kingsine’s products are approved by over 70 countries worldwide in many industries of electrical power, metallurgy, petrochemical, railway mining and relative scientific research institution as well as same trade of meter and protective relays factories, and getting the warm welcome from the world large Electricity & Energy Exhibition such as POWER-GEN International of USA, Middle East Electricity of Dubai, HANNOVER MESSE of Germany and FIEE Electrical of Brazil. Its Relay-Tester is suitable working for many world famous relay protection devices such as ABB, SIMENS, ALSTOM, TOSHIBA, SCHNEIDER, AREVA, SEL, GE etc and Kingsine also give the full service with his distribution net from many countries partners of European, Asia and Middle East.


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