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KF932 IEC61850 Relay Tester

Short Description:

Comply IEC61850 standard, Applied to digital protection relay, Measure&control device, intelligent terminal ,Merge Unit and substation control system testing and detection.

Touch screen and keypad, to meet different using habits.

4400mAh large capacity lithium battery, continuous work for more than 10 hours.

Small size, easy to portable.

Product Detail

Basic Functions

KF932 IEC61850 Relay Tester is developed based on the intelligent substation related standards to analyze the SV, GOOSE, IRIG-B and IEEE1588 message, calculate the magnitude, phase and frequency of voltage and current, and real-time monitor of GOOSE virtual terminal.
Receiving closed-loop testing of smart devices via SV, GOOSE message sending, subscription and publication of GOOSE messages;
Phase detection function is achieved by analyzing and calculating different control blocks; Binary input and output of the hard contact can be completed on the intelligent operation box transmission delay and SOE on the accuracy of the measurement;
SV and GOOSE exception statistics analysis and synchronization function to achieve the integration of the unit discrete, lost frame and absolute delay measurement.
With small size, touch screen operation of the convenience and powerful measurement and analysis and testing capabilities, greatly to meet the intelligent substation operation, maintenance and debugging of the protection, monitoring and control devices, IEC61850 complying IEDs, the merger unit and the station control system Detection and commissioning requirements.



No. Analysis Item Analysis content
SMV Measurement and analysis Interception Automatically intercepts SV messages from 3 optical ports and 1 optical interface
Effective value Real-time display channel of amplitude, phase and frequency
Oscillography Real-time display of waveform
Sequence component Real-time display the positive sequence V1, negative sequence V2, zero positive sequence V0 of magnitude and phase
Power Real-time display of ABC phase and three-phase active, reactive power, apparent power and power factor
Vectorgraph The magnitude and phase relationship of the three-phase voltage and current are displayed in vector form
Harmonic Real-time display 0 ~ 19 harmonics, and show the harmonic content in the form of histograms
Message parameter Real-time display of the current message parameters, the original message and parsed message
Abnormalmessage The number of abnormal message
DiscreteValue The number of messages in each discrete
GOOSE analytic and analysis Interception Automatically intercepting GOOSE messages from 3 optical ports
Virtual terminal Real-time display of the status of the virtual terminal, support a variety of display. Automatically record the reset time of the virtual terminal.
Message Real-time display of the current message value and the original message value.
Abnormal message The number of abnormal message
Others Recorder Record and analyze off-line messages
Measurement of flow and optical power Real-time statistics of network traffic size and received optical power
PCAP message analysis Offline analysis of messages stored in PCAP format
Polarity test Test the polarity of the transformer
Measurement Manual test Through the output of SV messages, GOOSE message simulation and sub subscription together with the binary input and output of hard contact to protect, monitor and control of the IED device test.
State sequencer By outputting multiple consecutive states, for user-defined tests.For each individual state, the magnitude, phase, and frequency of the voltage and current can be set. Setting up the status of GOOSE virtual terminals to meet various test requirements.
IED Measuring the transfer delay and SOE time accuracy between the GOOSE and the hard contact.
Superimposed harmonic 2~19 harmonics are superimposed on the output fundamental voltage and current to realize the test of IED devices such as protection, measurement and control.



1 Power Supply

Power Supply
Battery Large capacity lithium battery
Power Adapter Input:AC100~240V,50/60Hz,0.7A  Output:DC15V,1.66A 


2 Power consumption

Power consumption
Power consumption ≦6W
Working power supply Continuous work for more than 10 hours


3 Communication port interface

Optical Ethernet communication port
Model 100Base-FX (100M Full duplex optical fiber network)
Port Type LC
Wavelength 1310nm
Transmission distance ≧1km
Application IEC61588 Times and other network messages
Optical serial port communication interface
Port number 2 pcs
Port Type ST
Wavelength 62.5/125μmMultimode fiber,Wavelength850nm
Transmission distance ≧1km
Application Receive/Send IEC60044-7/8(FT3),IRIG-B Timing signal transceiver
Analog input communication interface
Port number 1 pair
Port Type Rubber terminal
Hard contact input / output communication interface
Port number 2 pairs
Port Type Aviation socket to rubber terminal
TF card slot interface
Port number 1 pc
Application TF card for importing the whole station configuration file , recording documents, storing / exporting test reports and upgrading software.
Analog input communication interface
Port number 1 pair


4 Time signal

Time signal
IRIG-B Time accuracy<1us typ
IEC 61588 Time accuracy<1us typ


5 Mechanical parameters

Mechanical parameters
Display screen 4.3’touch LCD screen
Size 176×100×58 mm
Weight ≦0.75kg


6 Temperature range

Temperature range
Altitude ≤5000m
Ambient temperature Normal operating temperature:-10~55℃Storage and transportation:-25~85℃
Relative humidity 5%~95%
Atmospheric pressure 60~106KPa

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