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KINGINSE win the 2021 testing equipment procurement tenders again of State Grid three provincial power companies at a total of 62-sets

In the 2021 State grid three provincial power companies’ material tender procurement meeting, KINGSINE with good reputation, rich industry experience, strong technical strength, as well as excellent bidding documents and reasonable quotation, once again won the unanimous approval of the evaluation expert group, finally with a comprehensive ranking of priority results against many competitive companies as follows:


In Apr 2021 State Grid East Inner Mongolia Electric Power Company Limited Winning bidder at Item No:XZCG-072101 Total 23-sets:

KF932 Portable IEC61850 Relay Test Set 5-sets

K2066 Universal Relay Test Set 5-sets

K6066 Universal Relay Test Set 7-sets

KF86 Universal Relay Test Set for Smart substations 4-sets

KF900 Portable Intelligent IEC61850 IEDs Analyzer Tester 2-sets


In Jun 2021 State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company Winning bidder at Item NO: GWSC202106WZ03 Total 25-sets:

K6066 Universal Relay Test Set 11-sets

K2066 Universal Relay Test Set 2-sets

KF86 Universal Relay Test Set 8-sets

KF900  Portable Intelligent IEC61850 IEDs Analyzer Test 2-sets

KF932 Handheld IEC61850 Relay Test Set 1-set


In July 2021 State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company Winning bidder of Total 14-sets supply:

K6066 Universal Relay Test Set 6-sets

K2066 Universal Relay Test Set 2-sets

KF932  IEC61850 Relay Test Set 4-sets

KT210 CT/PT Analyzer 2-sets


With the winning bid of the three provinces supply, KINGSINE not only show KINGSINE’s scientific and technological strength in the same industry, but also to show KINGSINE’s core competitiveness, and Wide customers and same trade affirmation to the KINGISNE brand. KINGSINE will complete this project with a more rigorous spirit, more advanced technology and higher quality services.

We believe that by virtue of the KINGSINE brand and the efforts of all KINGSINE staff, KINGSINE will certainly be able to create brilliant future with more impressive results.

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Post time: Aug-17-2021