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KINGSINE Protection Tests Was Held in Sichuan Southwest Pipeline Company

KINGSINE brand KF86 Protection tests was successfully held in Nanchong station, Sichuan Southwest Pipeline Company which belongs to PipeChina(also known as China Oil & Gas Pipeline Network Corp) in this July, 2021. Universal Relay Test Set KF86 performed well due to its advantages of easy-operation and powerful functions in this operation.

KF86 Universal Relay Test Set(Weight:<10kg, 6x30A, 6x130V, IEC61850 complied and GOOSE, with built-in 9.7 inch Touch Screen) is a very small size (390mm*256mm*140mm) and possesses compact 6-phase relay test set with high accuracy & full solution, fully meet all the requirements for detection and debugging of IEC61850 IEDs, Merge Units, station control systems and traditional protection relays.

This time, the main protection tests were over-current protection, inverse time over-current, differential test, harmonic restraint etc. The protector of this tests were ABB.

The basic software function as Test center, XRIO import, relay template library, one key test function, merging unit testing has been greatly upgraded and it also gave deep impression for our users.

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Post time: Jul-31-2021